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The Croods is an animation adventure film about a caveman family who must travel through a strange yet fantasy-filled world with the help of a boy in order to find a new place they can call home. It stars the voices of Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, and Ryan Reynolds among others. It’s directed by Kirk de Micco and Chris Sanders who also co-wrote the script.

If you are fond of watching free movies at movie2k, you will thoroughly enjoy The Croods especially if you have kids at home. This film illustrates in a comical way the family’s prehistoric adventure, which goes from bad to worse when they meet a nomad who supposedly helps them conquer their fear of the new world.

It’s a family entertainment film, that’s full of charm, wit and punch lines. It also gives you a glimpse into father and daughter relationships and the power of family bonds. With captivating characters and a rich imaginative visuals, you can’t go wrong watching The Croods.


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